KETO Latkes with Kalettes (Flower Sprouts) πŸ•Ž Low Carb Hannukah Recipes

KETO Latkes with Kalettes (Flower Sprouts) πŸ•Ž Low Carb Hannukah Recipes

Celebrating Hannukah but no chance to slump round Fried Potatoes for Latkes? Fear no longer! We can form them with Flower Sprouts Kalettes! πŸ”” In case you SUBSCRIBE ring the πŸ”” for notifications! πŸ₯“ Prefer Me William Maxwell Aitken? πŸ₯‘ Be part of the VIPs at
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Closing yr’s model with Rutabaga for a more official fashion is on hand here:

Closing yr we made latkes for Hanukkah with spiralized Swede / Rutabaga, and that remains the appropriate plot to replace potatoes and form them taste just like the explicit ingredient. But this yr I discovered a satisfying weblog of Jewish recipes that made latkes with brussel sprouts! Kalettes being a hybrid between sprouts and kale (and my favourite winter veggie along side Pumpkin and Romanesco!!!) it looks the natural evolution of things, so following the muse of My name is Yeh I went and made latkes with kalettes!


279kcal, 4g carbs (10g fibre), 13g protein, 20g corpulent

INGREDIENTS (form 6 latkes)

400g kalettes (300g leaves potentially if you trim them from stems, you can direct brussel sprouts shavings as neatly in lack of kalettes)

120g lupin flour (or alternatively almond flour, but Lupin is in general bready!!!)

1tsp kosher salt

half of tsp ground shaded pepper

100g goose corpulent (or more, passable to hold a 1 traipse deep layer for your oven dish)

60g / 2oz crimson onion (shallots or leeks will in all probability be decrease in carbs)

three medium eggs


Solid Iron Oven Dish



Vinyl Gloves

PS: From Storey I realized that Hannukah food will in all probability be fried on legend of of the oil reference surely.

“For the time being, most American citizens fry their potato pancakes in vegetable oil, even if rooster corpulent (schmaltz) or lard is readily on hand. This recipe substitute came about at some point in the 1900s, when polyunsaturated vegetable seed oils were touted as β€œcoronary heart healthy.” This story is bigger than adequately debunked by Nina Teicholz in The Mountainous Paunchy Surprise, among others.

No longer finest are the health claims fraudulent, but vegetable oil has a technique of being absorbed into the potatoes, giving latkes that heavy greasiness, in a technique that animal corpulent doesn’t.”

So include your goose corpulent I’d instruct!


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